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Code Verification

Blister Inspection

Camera Based Inspection Systems

Track and Trace

International Phonecard Tracking (IPTS)

The name Laetus is synonymous the world over with Pharmaceutical Packaging Security. We set the standards in our field, with a portfolio incorporating both standalone units and modular systems for more complex applications. The extensive nature of our product range - including camera systems, code readers and evaluation units - demonstrates our commitment to providing inspection solutions for all pharmaceutical packaging materials and secure verification systems for fill level control.

Customers prize the ease of operation, the reliability and the high performance capabilities of our advanced equipment range. The security of your packaging operation, compatibility with your existing machinery and compliance with guidelines such as 21 CFR Part 11 are beyond question, thanks to the compact, flexible and hi tech design of our equipment.

Code Verification

With over 6.000 installations worldwide, Laetus Code Verification systems are a comprehensive solution for multiple inspection tasks on a wide range of products.

The Laetus data administration and access control system, offers an innovative concept in the pharmaceutical packaging process.

Key advantages of the system include:

  • Product Database
  • Administration of Devices
  • User Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Eject Verification via ECS (Eject Control System)
  • Visualisation and Diagnostics Function for Improved Efficiency
  • Protocols Compliant with GMP and FDA Guidelines
  • Full 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Typical Applications:

  • Carton Code Verification
  • Leaflet Code Verification
  • Tube Code Verification & Orientation
  • Label Code Verification
  • Sealing Film (Foil) Code Verification
  • Complete Line Security & Verification
  • Presence checks for Labels, Leaflets, etc...

Various Code Types:

  • Linear Bar Code
  • Stacked Code
  • 2D Data Matrix Code
  • Colour Code
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Blister Inspection

Professional fill control systems are designed to prevent mix-ups or damage to pharmaceutical solids (tablets/capsules) as well as liquids in ampoules. Control of blisters online takes place on the packaging machine prior to blister sealing.

The Laetus system provides the highest standards of inspection in colour and black/white applications respectively and is valued by customers for its reliability and ease of use.

Examples where fill control might be required:

  • Verifying the number of objects in a blister
  • Guarding against colour mix-ups with multi-phase presentations
  • Ensuring that products are not broken or damaged
  • Foreign body detection (identifying extraneous objects and incorrect products in or around the pockets)
  • Contour, size and surface consistency
  • Completeness or fragmentation of product
  • Colour mix-up, foreign objects





Innovative Web technology
  • With the integrated Laetus NAVIGATOR, different inspection devices can be monitored and administered.

Impressive technical features enable new approaches in blister inspection
  • Firewire camera with resolution up to one Megapixel
  • Powerful color processing
  • Fully compliant with GAMP and 21 CFR Part 11
  • 15" color monitor with touch screen
  • Maintenance-free LED Illumination

User-friendly and elegant interface
  • Ease of operation with the intelligent training assistant
  • Rapid installation and easy changeover
  • Online documentation

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Camera Based Inspection Systems
One System For All Requirements

Based on Laetus web technology (wt) INSPECT wt helps eliminate quality defects or irregularities that occur during day-to-day production.

High-resolution cameras work hand-in-hand with code readers, compact high-performance computers and user-friendly touch screens, identifying incorrectly packaged pharmaceuticals, recognising all codes and colours, and comparing them with the pre-defined standards.

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Track & Trace
Cap Inspections

Help against product counterfeiting now comes from Laetus.

The "Secure Track & Trace" concept, an individual serial number (unique ID) is produced and, during the production process, is affixed as a code and in plain text on the box. This ID can be checked by Internet, phone or mobile phone in a database.

For this reason, Laetus proposes checking with "net and false bottom". Not only the box containing the drug, but also the shrink wrapped units and even the cardboard boxes in which the drugs are shipped to the distributor, are provided with their own ID number. A seamless pedigree, the "e-pedigree", is thus formed which ensures complete control of the delivery chain.

The ID of the box can be linked at any time to a concrete distribution station and authenticated

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International Phonecard Tracking (IPTS)

With the International Phonecard Tracking System IPTS Laetus has developed a method, to identify counterfeit phonecards quickly and securely.

The serial number of each card is captured and stored in a database. During the packaging of the card bundles in the database is recorded, which card is plugged in which bundle. On the basis of the bundle label the way of each card can be tracked back up to the retailer.

A specially developed database retains and assigns the numbers to a defined bundle, prints and applies a label on the package.

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